The World’s Fastest Growing Tree is 3200 Years Old, It’s So Big It took 126 Photos To Fit In One Frame!


Sierra Nevada in California is home to a 3200 year old sequoia tree that stands 247 feet tall.

It is both the tallest and the oldest tree in the world.

Around it are two other sequoia trees with considerably wide trunks, but not as tall, which is probably the reason why it is nicknamed ‘President’.

Its trunk has a diameter of 27 feet, and supports enormous branches that have 2 billion needles in total, yet another record in the world.

World's Oldest Tree


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This tree has survived years and years of bad weather, storms, lightning strikes, and freezing temperatures. In fact, it is even growing faster than ever, at a rate of 1 cubic meter per year making it the fastest growing tree in the world. You would think that with the height it already has, it can’t grow any longer, but ironically, it does.

Despite its uniqueness, no photographer has ever captured it in its entirety, giving you an idea of how big it is. In fact, National Geographic photographers had to take a series of photos (126 to be exact), then piece them together. Scaling the tree was another daunting task, and pulleys and levers had to be used by the climbers.

World's Oldest Tree
Micheal Nichols

Inferring its characteristics was even harder. Scientists from the National Geographic had to take measurements of the branches, cones, trunk and burls then collect information about other sequoias, after which they had to make mathematical models. From these models, they found out that the tree has 54000 cubic feet of wood. This tree is truly one of its kind.