6 Artistic Houses You Won’t Believe Exist


These architects have designed amazing artworks out of homes. And when it comes to visiting a house, it’s the last thing on your mind.

Unless you’re planning on moving, you’re probably not interested in visiting a house. This is perfect because these artistic houses were never meant for you to move in.

Although the houses are very unusual, they are here to remind us one thing: Just because a house was meant for living, doesn’t mean you have to live in it.

6. The Trassenheide Upside-Down House

Trassenheide Upside Down House
Photo Credit: Tourististan

Designed by polish architects Sebastian Mikiciuk and Klaudiusz Golos, the house is a real work of art and product of outstanding creativity. It has grown to be a major attraction in the area. Although the house is fully furnished, the interior design follows a very different perspective than the conventional designs we know of (which is obvious, I mean, the house is literally upside down). Everything inside is overturned, from the chandeliers, to the hangings on the walls, to the furniture…everything. The house is open to the public.

5. Casa do Ponedo

Casa De Pedeno
Photo Credit: Unknown

While the world is battling over the shiniest houses, there is a rock called home in Northern Portugal. This rustic masterpiece was constructed using four giant boulder slabs that make it seem somewhat antiquated. Despite that, it has the full functionality of a residential home, including a fireplace and a swimming pool. It is located near Fafe Mountains, and it offers you a spectacular view of these mountains. It is tenanted, and so, to respect the residents’ privacy, you may only admire the house from the outside.

4. Manifesto House

Manifesto House
Photo Credit: Archello

This masterpiece is an eco-friendly house built completely out of recycled and reused materials, part of which are aluminum, wood, cork and iron. This manifesto house is entirely eco-efficient, and the building materials completely bio-friendly.

3. Bart Prince House –New Mexico

Bart Prince House
Photo Credit: RichardZX

Each and every part of this house is pieced together in a very programmatic, accurate way. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the house functions as both a home and a studio for Bart Prince. The glass panel facing the south directs sunrays into the house. The walls are lined with water pipes that are heated during the day, and warm the house at night. The studio, located at the ground floor of the house is cylindrical in shape and has glass panels at the top of the walls for overhead lighting. Finally, it has a storage tower that acts as a library as well as stowing area.

2. Bubble House – Tourettes-sur-Loup, France

Bubble House
Photo Credit: Unknown

This house was initially built by architect Antti Lovag for another client, who passed away before the project was completed. Pierre Cardins happened to be looking for a house at that time, and he bought it. It is 40 years old but still yet to be completed, although, the state it is in right now is so perfect you will think that the construction has been finalized. It was designed so as to enable the residents inside to be able to view the volcanic landscape and the Mediterranean Ocean.

1. Inversion House – Houston, Texas

Inversion House
Photo Credit: Nick Douglas

When building this house, the creativity of Dean Ruck and Dan Havel was definitely out of this world. They created funnel-like vortexes on both sides of this house with a hole joining them right through the middle. The place is being used as an art exhibition for classes that take place in the adjacent building. This is definitely a masterpiece.