5 Romantic Cities That Will Have You Falling In Love All Over Again


Everyone knows Europe is intrinsically romantic so we thought we’d uncover some of the continent’s best kept secrets.

Unlike some of the more popular cities (Paris for example!), these locations are far from stereotypical and have the added bonus of being more affordable and less crowded than their better-known counterparts.

These 5 cities will enchant you and your loved one as you walk through their ancient streets and enjoy local cuisine.

1. Lisbon, Portugal


Photo Credit: lisbon.ticketbar.eu

This city boasts all the best attractions, including hills that offer great views of the city, the age-old São Jorge Castle and ample picturesque homes. Travel the city by tramway or walk down the cobblestone street as you make you way to one of the many intimate restaurants offering the best of Portuguese wine and food. For an extra special night, watch the sunset by the Tagus river.

2. Seville

Andalucia, Seville, Plaza de Espana 13

Photo Credit: Pierrot Heritier

Located in the Andalusian region of Spain, Seville is an architectural dream! The city is lined with Moorish buildings at every turn and is generally less crowded then Madrid or Barcelona. Traditional activities include watching a Bullfight, learning Flamenco, or touring the city on a horse-drawn carriage. There are many great ways to experience Seville, each one made even better by a having special someone at your side.



Photo Credit: Bo47


Vienna is know for it’s cafés. The coffee houses themselves are known to have a particular charm impossible to find elsewhere. They have perfected the art of brewing through centuries of experimentation and a strong influence from Turkish coffee connoisseurs.

The city also features numerous palaces and museums that have stood the test of time. Being the land of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert, what better way to enjoy Vienna then a visit one of the city’s music venues. The city is bursting with passion and beauty!

4. Florence


Photo Credit: nexttriptourism.com

This city appears to be stuck in time with its Italian Renaissance charm. Serving as a cultural hub, Michelangelo and Botticelli’s art may be on display at the Uffizi Gallery but you don’t have to go far to enjoy stunning cathedrals and sculptures as the city itself is an incarnation of art in motion. Lovers often enjoy a quiet evening of good food and fine wine finished by a quiet stroll on Vecchio Bridge. Just when you thought going back in time couldn’t get any more romantic!

5. Prague


Photo Credit: prague.eu

Arriving in Prague is like stepping into a fairytale. The city’s history is perfectly preserved in the age-old buildings that line the streets. Visit the Old Town hand in hand and enjoy a candle-lit dinner in restaurants that seem older then time itself. If that doesn’t intrigue you, the city is also home to many music and cultural festivals throughout the year, making it a great getaway for a more upbeat vacation. Prague truly has something for everyone.