8 Surreal Looking Caves You’ll Definitely Want to Explore


Caves were and still remain a fascination to mankind.

Their formation portrays the mysterious work of nature, and a chance to be in one will give you the impression of stepping into another world.

Although a lot of caves exist, almost all of them have not been fully explored. Here’s a list of 8 of the world’s most amazing caves!

1. Kungur Ice Cave, Russia

Kungur Ice Cave
Photo credit: Thinkstock

Located near Mutnovsky Volcano right at the bank of Sylva River in Russia is this beautiful, cryptic cave that has been a famous excursion site for years.  The cave is about 5.6 kilometers long. The place is full of ice formations that glow as light from the exterior penetrates through and is filtered by the glacial structures.

Inside the cave, you will find a narrow path called ‘the women road.’ This pathway got its name from a local legend, where a foreign princess fell as she was walking on it, and soon after leaving the cave, she got engaged to a prince. And so it’s believed that if a woman falls down on this path, she will be proposed to when she returns to the surface.

2. Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Vatnajokull Ice Cave
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Formed as a result of geothermal activity, this cave is a sight to behold. It is located within the largest glacier in the whole European continent. Exploring this cave is a tinge risky, due to the constant change in the mass of the ice as it melts at very unpredictable times. If you do get to see it, the views inside are unrivalled, and it is one place that should be definitely in your travel itinerary.

3. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Son Doong Cave
Photo credit: Imgur

This is the biggest cave in the world, and was formed 2-5 million years ago due to water erosion. The name itself translates to ‘mountain river cave.’ Its formation was a result of water eroding the limestone underneath the mountain. Where the ground was unstable, it caved in, and this formed big, beautiful skylights in addition to the enormous cave. It is about 200 meters wide, 150 meters high, and 9 kilometers long.

4. Naica Mine, Mexico

Naica Maine
Photo credit: Wikipedia


Naica Mine is located in Saucillo and was an active mine where lead, silver and zinc was extracted up until very recently when miners stumbled upon a cave with huge selenite crystals. The crystals are believed to have been formed thousands of years ago, and some are as long as 15 meters. The cave is almost 300 meters below the surface, and is very hot inside. This has hampered research into the cave, since the maximum time a person can stay inside is 10 minutes. Staying any longer is likely to cause detrimental effects.

5. Cave in Algarve, Portugal

Algarve Cave
Photo credit: Bruno Carlos

This iconic cave was formed due to erosion by waves. The only way to access this cave is by swimming round the walls. The cave has an amazing beach with total privacy and golden brown sand. You will definitely enjoy being in this one.

6. Reed Flute Cave, China

Reed Flute Cave
Photo credit: Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave in GuangXi Province is a natural limestone cave that was formed over 180 million years ago. It got its name from the type of reed growing in it. You will find about 70 inscriptions dating back to the Tang Dynasty in 792 AD. The cave is illuminated by an array of colors that are reflected by the mirror-like waters giving the entire cave a picturesque, spectacular view.

7.Waitomo Glowworms Cave, New Zealand

Glowworms Cave
Photo credit: Fabian Ebi

This beautiful cave is illuminated by thousands of glowworms, found in New Zealand and nowhere else. The glittering, luminous shimmer produced by these amazing creatures is nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, if you look up while inside the cave, you might think you are looking at a starry sky.

8. Antelope Canyon, USA

Antelope Canyon
Photo credit: Thinkstock

This place got its name from a group of antelopes that used to roam freely in the canyon long ago. It was formed as a result of the erosion of sandstone due to flash flooding. It is located in the Arizona Desert, and has amazingly smooth walls. It is well illuminated by a strain of yellowish light, giving the place a mystical feel. The flashfloods still occur, and the most recent one was only a couple of years ago.

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