10 People You Can’t Travel Without

When it comes to travelling, the company you keep will determine how much fun you will have. You know the way they say bad company ruins good morals? Well in the world of travel, bad company ruins good vacations. At any rate, here’s are the 10 kinds of people you should travel with. – Yay for group trips!

1. The foodie


To them, their universe revolves around food. They talk about it every chance they get. They don’t care what they eat, so long as it is food. They might even forget their phones, but they have to have food. At the end of the day, you will end up eating well during your travel, because they just won’t give you peace until you stop for some. Moreover, they will make you try the weirdest local dishes on the menu, so you will have a chance to eat something you’ve never had, and probably never would tried.

2. The planner

Travel Planner

These kind of people are often associated with obsessive compulsive planning (OCPs), and they’re always a step ahead on planning how each and every minute will be spent. They’ll book tickets, hotels and what-have-you, in advance. You will find them doing things you wouldn’t have thought about doing, and by doing so, they’re saving you a lot of time and money. You won’t have to worry about what to do the next day. While travelling should be a spontaneous thing (that’s what makes it interesting anyway), the OCP is indispensable when it comes to travelling.

3. The photographer


They always carry fancy cameras in their suitcases. They will make sure every memory is kept for the future, and you must admit, they do a perfect job. Even though they most likely are not professional photographers, you will thank them in the end for the day. Trust me. However, if you’re a quick-fuse, they might get onto your nerves, always shouting ‘Wait! Let’s pose for a snap!’ every five or so minutes.

4. The navigator


You cannot go anywhere without getting some directions. With them around, you do not need any satellite navigation system, because they will always somehow know the routes, and places. You can count on them to take you wherever you want and return you in one piece.

5. The gung ho Yolo-er


They always like taking risks. They crave for new experiences, and you always have to do crazy things when they are around. These are the kind of people who push you to the limits. You won’t rest until you have had a little bit of everything. They are the kind that will always tell you, ‘Don’t give it too much thought. Just go for it’.

6. The survivalist


They always have a way of going about every challenge. Drop them in the middle of a desert with no phone and no food, and they will find a way back to you. They will come in handy at least once during your trip. Nothing is too hard for them.

7. The linguist

The Linguist

They always carry a language guide wherever they go. They’re bursting with eager interest to connect with the locals at their level, and you definitely will get your message across regardless of where you are when they are around. They always know a word or two from each languages. This kind of people are the ones that will help you place your orders in local hotels without a problem.

8. Cheapo

Penny Pincher

This kind of guy loves cheap stuff, and is always a small spender. He or she will always find the cheapest restaurants and clubs that will save you a great deal of money. You will be amazed at how much your expense will be cut.

9. The Light traveler

Light Traveler

Why carry a lot of clothes when you can simply re-wear them? These are the kind that always have room in their backpacks for whatever will not fit in yours. They carry only the essentials. You will be glad they tagged along, because they are not the kind of people you will argue with.

10. The culture vulture

Culture Vulture

This is the kind of person who always want to go everywhere they can. They want a taste of everything, and they can make you travel some extra miles just to satisfy their curiosity, but trust me, you will be contented at the end of it.

Wherever you go, make sure you take these people with you, or else you will find yourself stuck in some mountain in Africa, or lost in forest at the Congo. They are all indispensable.