After Traveling Over 3,000 Miles, This Man Made a Breathtaking Video of Iceland’s Unique Landscapes


For three weeks, Stian Rekdal embarked on a trip that totally transformed people’s traditional view of Iceland. Because of its name, one might think of it as a land mainly made of ice, but wait until you see the photos Stian took.

Travelling over 3000 miles across Iceland, he took about 40,000 astonishing photos. Yes, a whopping 40,000 photos. These photos of many different beautiful scenery portrays Iceland in a completely different view that makes you wonder why was it called ‘Iceland’ in the first place.

He took 3500 of the best photos and created a time-lapse video that will blow your mind…figuratively speaking of course.

Iceland at Night
Photo Credit @ Stian Rekdal

Stian is a resident of Norway, and is a professional nature and landscape photographer who has travelled all over the world to take amazing pictures. He then uses these pictures to make time-lapse videos, made so realistically that one might think they are right in the middle of those marvelous landscapes.

You must be wondering what time-lapse videos mean. Well, time-lapse photography involves taking a couple of still photographs then combining them, editing them, changing the camera angles progressively and rendering them as motion pictures. They give you a movie-like experience, in that, you will not only be seeing a still picture, but a combination of the pictures that look like a movie.

Using a couple of photos, Stian recreated the Northern Lights, and that time-lapse video is breath-taking. He was pretty lucky during his expedition, and was about to photograph some very rare scenes of the multicolored firmament.

Photo Credit @ Stian Rekdal

The Northern Lights are not common and it is an extraordinary occurrence, and only a few lucky people have seen it. So if you have ever seen one, count yourself privileged. This occurrence takes place only during the winter, when the moon is not present or isn’t very bright.

Stian has employed a number of people all over the globe, and has built his portfolio quite well, with every piece of work being better than the one before. Below is a photo he took of the Hof house, built way back in 1883. It was the first turf church in Iceland.

Photo Credit @ Stian Rekdal


Iceland has had a progressive decline in the number of trees and vegetation cover. Icelanders had noticed the decline as early as the 12th century, and had documents written back in the days to attest to that.

They mentioned that when their ancestors discovered Iceland, it was covered in trees, but that was not the case anymore. This rapid decline has been due to uncontrolled lumbering, overgrazing, and harsh weather. Iceland also has a lot of volcanos, mind you, 30 of which are still active.

Here are some facts you need to know about Iceland.

  • Iceland enjoys 24hrs of sunshine during June and July.
  • 50% of Iceland’s energy comes from Geothermal electricity
  • 85% of its energy comes from renewable sources
  • Many Icelanders still believe in the existence of elves
  • 11% of the country is covered in Ice, and 30% in lava fields