This 200 Foot Bunny Is So Big That It Can Be Seen From Space (It Actually Looks Like It Fell From The Sky!)


Who doesn’t like stuffed animals? Almost everyone has had at least one or two in their lifetime.

A group called Gelitin decided to take this love a notch higher by sewing together a 200 foot bunny on the top of a hill in the Alps, and unlike the stuffed animals in our houses, you can go and lie on top of this one… literally.

The artists decided to make the bunny look as if it fell from heaven. Judging by the expression on its face and the “spilled out innards”, the bunny looks exactly so.

Giant Pink Bunny

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The creativity is just amazing, and if you take an aerial view of it, it seems like a real animal with its intestines spilt. In fact, even the leg seems to have been broken due to the long fall from the sky.

Giant Pink Bunny

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The bunny, ‘Hase’ or ‘Hare’ is about 5 meters thick and was constructed on top of Colletto Fava hill. The reason behind its construction was to make any person who goes there feel as tiny as Gulliver did in his travels.

Hikers are encouraged to climb over Hase and relax after a long trek, as long as the giant stuffed toy is still intact.

Giant Pink Bunny

It Took 5 Years to Build.

Giant Pink Bunny


It was made purely out of straw and fabric, with the straw heaped up and the fabric sewn to cover it. It took Gelitin five years, with the help of others to make the bunny, so you can imagine how big it is.

Check it out on Google maps yourself, you will be astounded. The bunny is located in the northern part of Italy, near Artesina town, Piedmont in Tuscany.