5 Reasons to Travel At Least Once A Year


Wanderlust, the travel itch, globe-trotting. Whatever way you put it, people need to travel. We are meant to explore the world; we are meant to search out new experiences in faraway places.

1. Travelling broadens your knowledge


Travelling is exploration in the truest sense. No matter the destination, you will discover a new place, a new space and a new way of being. New experiences, new discoveries, new memories to expand widen your mind, vision and skill set. Each time you visit a new place, you see how others work in their own routines. Unaltered, fresh knowledge seen through your own eyes.

2. You should travel at least once a year to challenge yourself

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New experiences can be terrifying, and the unexpected shines a light on our worst characteristics. But I can guarantee that you will return from each voyage a better version of yourself. You will have conquered a novel land, and discover skills that you never knew you had. You will gain perspective to match your newfound knowledge. Genuine perspective is hard to come by when all of our knowledge is filtered through a predetermined lens.

3. Those who travel once a year become closer to others


Not only from making new friends with similar interests, but from all of the novel experiences. Things that were once only available to you in storybooks find themselves in front of your own thirsty eyes. Any knowledge gained brings you a deeper understanding of how people work outside of your own protected routine. This understanding leads to stronger bonds and compassion.

4. You should travel once a year to revaluate your life



Travelling forces you to narrow and eliminate the things that takeover: the things that should not be such a priority. Travelling show you how to eliminate that which is not needed or not positive. (Do you really want to cart fifteen shades of red lipstick in your backpack for a month?)

5. You should travel at least once a year to reboot

Travelling allows you to escape from the mundane. We go about our daily lives, moving between school or work and home. Repetitive routines force us to live in a sliver of each moment, only seeing a small slice of life. We grow tired, allowing boredom to take over. The mundanity of regularity limits our growth as individuals and as working members in society.

Travel provides an escape and a chance to recharge.

Travelling benefits the mind, the body and the soul. Pack up your bags, take a chance and broaden your vision with the goal to travel at least once a year.

Don’t believe us? Ask your friend if you should travel.