11 Unique Festivals Around The World You Won’t Want To Miss

2. Holi Color Festival (India)

When: During the month of March
Holi Color Festival

Photo credit: RenePi

The spring season in India is welcomed in style every year with the celebration of the Holi Color Festival. The whole place is brought alive and buzzes with activity during late February or early March. On the eve of the Holi day, bonfires are lighted and stories about the origin of the festival told in an exuberant and joyful manner.

The festival is said to be for the purpose of celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and was made possible by Lord Vishnu. People smear colored powder and pour colored water on each other while having parties and dancing under sprinklers. Bhang, a paste made from cannabis plants is also traditionally consumed during the festival.

The festival got its name from Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who used to play pranks on girls by drenching them in water and colors.

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