Who needs sunny skies, terraces and tapas, when you can just stay in your cozy office cubicle? Spain, especially, should be avoided. The beaches are just too white, the parties are too exciting, and the landscape is too green.

1. You won’t like the wine.

Enjoying Wine on a Boat
DAJ via Istock


2. Who cares about amazing food? Madrid may be a major culinary hub of Europe, but your microwave works wonders!

3. You’ll absolutely hate the Reina Sofia Museum, where you’ll find work from both Picasso and Dali.

Reina Sofia Museum
Wojtek Gurak via Flickr

4. Stay away from the bullfighting! Daytime soap operas are much more interesting.

Nathan Rupert via Flickr

5. The summertime weather is too sunny.

Sunny Spain
Les Haines via Flickr

6. The locals are too welcoming.

7. Barcelona’s beachfront is 5km too long.

Barcelona Beach
Jumilla via Flickr

8. The parties go all night long.

Icanteachyouhowtodoit via Flickr

9. The Museum of the Americas is bound to be a bore.

Museum of The Americas
Tamra via Flickr

10. Don’t forget about Ibiza.

Kevin Coles
Kevin Coles via Flickr

11. There’s too many golden beaches.

Golden Beach
Jose A. via Flickr

12. You can see Inland Spain on the Internet – why bother with real life?

Jesuscm via Flickr

13. Alhambra’s red walls are just so ugly.

Alcazar Royal Palace Seville
bpperry via Istock

14. The history of Alcazar of Seville is not exciting enough.

Alcazar of Seville
Sean Pavone via Istock Editorial

15. The Great Mosque of Cordoba will not blow your mind.

Great Mosque
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16. You will hate the waves that are perfect for surfing.

17. The tapas are too tasty and are also free at the most authentic Spanish taverns.

Free Tapas
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18. You won’t like the scheduled Siestas!

Scheduled Siesta
Terry Whalebone via Flickr

19. Spain’s Canary Islands promise too much adventure.

Canary Islands,
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20. The shops are too hip, and too unique. You should stick with your familiar Westernized brands.

Shopping in Spain
tierra bonita via Flickr

21. There’s too much music: free shows, festivals and performers flood the summer months.

La Merce
Stasiu Tomczak via Flickr

22. The mountains of Northern Spain aren’t inspiring enough.

Northern Spain Mountains
Jorisvo via Istock

23. The mountains also have too much space to hike, camp, fish and explore.

Hiking in Spain
Kristoffer Trolle via Flickr

24. No one needs to see medieval architecture.

25. Leon Cathedral’s immensity is overrated.

Mariluz Rodriguez via Flickr
Mariluz Rodriguez via Flickr

26. Don’t bother visiting Toledo to experience the incredible religious influence.

JackF via Istock

27. The markets are bursting with fresh produce, but you should stick to your takeout at home.

Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona
Christopher Chan via Flickr

28. The Roman ruins of Merida are a waste of time.

Roman Ruins Merida
Tola A. via Flickr

29. Laguardia, the walled city, is a blast from the past that you should skip. The village might be central to the Roija wine region, and from the 13th century, but you won’t like it.

Laguardia Walled City
SantiMB.Photos via Flickr

30. Valencia’s Oceanografic is too big and too mesmerizing. You don’t need to see Europe’s largest aquarium when you can stay home with your pet goldfish.

Tuscasasrurales via Flickr

31. Did I mention that you will hate the wine?

Ya, Spain will make you miserable. You should probably not go.