24 Of The Coolest Hotels In The Whole Wide World, Your Bucket List Is About To Get Longer


There are ordinary hotels, the kind you just visit for the sake of doing so. Then there are those meant to leave a life-long impression on your mind. The latter are like small paradises on earth, with breathtaking views which will blow your mind. There are 24 such hotels in the world that stand out from the rest. You will be amazed at the off-the-wall features of each. Trust me, these are the kind of hotels you will wish you could spend the rest of your life in.

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

This hotel offers you an amazing view of the Northern Lights via glass igloos.

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Photo Credit: kakslauttanen.fi

2. Floating Hotel, Zanzibar

Manta Resort in Zanzibar has one of its hotels floating in the ocean. It gives you a chance to view the beautiful blue ocean, and with a submerged bedroom. The lights attract fish, squids and octopus at night. You can also enjoy the tropical sun while lying down on the roof.

Floating Hotel Zanzibar

Floating Hotel Zanzibar

Photo Credit: Jesper Anhede

3. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Imagine having breakfast with a giraffe in your window. That is a reality at the Giraffe Manor located in Kenya. The giraffes live near the hotel, giving you a chance to eat while they poke their heads through the window. You can choose to feed them of course, or they can eat right off your plate.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Photo Credit: giraffemanor.com

4. Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

The Fairy Chimney Inn in Turkey combines the traditional way of life and a modern feel, to give you an experience of your life. The structures are carved out of the famous Tufa rock cones. The view is breathtaking.

Fairy Chimney Turkey

Fairy Chimney Turkey

Photo Credit: fairychimney.com

5. The Glass Floor Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

This hotel offers you bedrooms with glass floors through which you can have a beautiful view of the life in the fresh shrimp pond it has been built over.

Glass Floor Udang House Bali

Photo Credit:bambuindah.com

6. Harry Potter Hotel, London

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this is definitely the place to be. You will be amazed at the resemblance with the rooms at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Hotel London

Harry Potter Hotel London

Photo Credit: georgianhousehotel.co.uk

7. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Tucked deep in a rain-forest in Los Rios is this astounding hotel with its buildings shaped like volcanoes. The volcanoes even erupt every day, but don’t freak out. Lava doesn’t come out, water does. If you want to have a first-hand feel of how living inside an active volcano would be like, then this is the place to be.

Montana Magica Lodge Chile

Photo Credit: huilohuilo.com

8. Ascher Cliff Hotel, Switzerland

This hotel was built onto the side of a cliff and is over 170 years old. It offers you a chance to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and the remarkable landscape.

Ascher Cliff Hotel in Switzerland

Photo Credit: aescher-ai.ch

9. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Have you ever imagined how life could be if you lived in a sphere? Probably not. This hotel offers you such kind of a life. With a space big enough for two, and with the sphere built onto a tree, you can enjoy nature right at your doorstep.

Free Spirit Spheres Canada

Free Spirit Spheres Canada

Photo Credit: freespiritspheres.com

10. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

This hotel offers you a chance to sleep under the open skies with the stars shining above you. During the winter season, you can sip a cup of tea while watching the snow cover the ground. It gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful nature around you through the glass walls.

Attrap Reves Hotel

Attrap Reves Hotel

Photo Credit: attrap-reves.com

11. Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Sweden

Built purposely to offer you a chance to live a traditional life in a hut, this hotel’s rooms are made of wood and grass. The huts are almost invisible due to that, save for the chimneys on top of each hut. You can go beaver hunting or nature walking in the evenings.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Sweden

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Sweden

Photo Credit: Skogens Konung

12. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This is a beautiful hotel built out of snow and ice. It is located in a small village in Northern Sweden, with only a little over 1000 residents. Over 50,000 guests flock this place during the winter.

Ice Hotel Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden

Photo Credit: icehotel.com

13. Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden

With the walls made from reflective glass, the rooms are designed to blend with the trees they are suspended from such that they are almost invisible.

Mirrorcube Treehouse Sweden-01

Photo Credit: treehotel.se

14. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

You have lived on the surface of earth your whole life, and it would be interesting to find out how living under the earth surface would be like, wouldn’t it? Sala Silvermine hotel offers you a chance to experience life 155 meters underground, with almost everything made out of silver or coated with it.

Sala Silvermine Sweden

Sala Silvermine Sweden

Photo Credit: salasilvergruva.se

15. Martin’s Patershof Church Hotel, Mechelen, Belgium

You have a chance to live inside a church with the hotel itself designed to look like a church. The rooms have windows that give you the feel that you are indeed living inside a church.

Martin Patershof Church Hotel Belgium

Martin Patershof Church Hotel Belgium

Photo Credit: martinshotels.com

16. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

This is yet another astounding hotel. Its rooms are located under water, with a roof and walls made of glass. You can watch shoals of fish as you lie on the bed, and enjoy the ocean through the glass walls.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Photo Credit: conradhotels3.hilton.com

17. Zaan Inn Hotel, Netherlands

This is definitely the place to go for fairy tale lovers. You will enjoy living in the spacious rooms in the urban setting.

Zaan Inn Netherlands

Photo Credit: inntelhotelsamsterdamzaandam.nl

18. The Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia

This hotel offers you a view of the surrounding nature and the beautiful ocean through its glass walls. It gives you a chance to enjoy the sun setting in the western horizon.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Photo Credit: southernoceanlodge.com.au

19. “The Crazy House” Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

This is the kind of hotel that is meant to thrill you as you spend your nights there. Everything from the structures to the interior design will give your spine a chill.

Crazy House Hang Nga Guesthouse

Crazy House Hang Nga Guesthouse

Photo Credit: crazyhouse.vn

20. V8 Hotel, Stuttgart

With beds designed to look like vintage vehicles, car lovers get a chance to spend the night in their favorite vintage cars. Everything is centered on this theme.

V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel

Photo Credit: v8hotel.de

21. Kingston Tree house, Lion Sands, South Africa

Here, you will have a chance to view animals passing nearby from a tree house with glass walls. You will get a chance to enjoy the serene environment around the place.

Kingston Treehouse

Photo Credit: lionsands.com

22. Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

This hotel is designed to give you a sweet escape from reality. It actually has a couple of themes, each unique, to give you an eccentric feel.

Wanderlust Hotel

Wanderlust Hotel

Photo Credit: designhotels.com

23. Tubhotel, Mexico

The rooms are designed to look exactly like tubs, piled on top of each other. Each has a bed big enough for two.

Tubhotel Mexico

Tubhotel Mexico

Photo Credit: tubohotel.com

24. The Batcave, Taiwan

This hotel’s theme is around the story of batman. You get a chance to enjoy life in rooms filled with batman paraphernalia.

Batcave Taiwan

Batcave Taiwan

Photo Credit: gallivant.com