Beat the Heat: 5 Cool Places to Spend Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and so is the heat. Not all of us are sun-soakers looking forward to sweating for a few months. Some of us thrive in the cold. Some of us need a quick escape from the heat. Lucky for you cold-blooded travellers, I’ve compiled a list of 5 places you can beat the heat this summer vacation.

1. Great St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland

If you’re looking for somewhere moderately cooler to escape to this summer, try the historical area of Great St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland. This path through the Alps is the original breeding ground of our favourite gentle giants: Saint Bernard dogs.

A hospice was established during the Middle Ages along this pass, where monks and their dogs assisted travellers through the ridge. Visit Great St. Bernard Pass to enjoy winding hiking trails in temperatures 12 degrees Celsius and below.

Switzerland’s busiest months are July and August, so be sure to plan ahead of time. April  and May, or early fall are also prime times to visit, with great weather and fewer crowds.

2. Iqaluit, Nunavut

Experience a summer like never before in Iqaluit, where the sun only sets for 3 hours in July. Even when the sun does set, it only disappears long enough for twilight, giving you views of a lifetime. Despite the extra sun, the temperature stays cool.

The summer months offer camping full of activities like fishing and hiking. With a population under 8000, this Northern Canadian hub promises cool relaxation away from crowded city heat! Spend your time enjoying the outdoors in 8 degrees Celsius, or drinking in the Inuit culture of Northern Canada.

3. New Zealand

If you only wish for a Winter Wonderland, head to New Zealand! Every corner of the country holds some sort of winter fun to be had in July and August. Pick your snowy poison between Pancake Rocks, Lindis Pass, or Tongariro World Heritage National Park.

Take in amazing views of blowholes, the Misty Mountains, or the volcanic plateau. The weather varies from blustering snow to wetter weather across the major cities.

4. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

If you want to experience complete isolation in weather below 7 degrees Celsius, plan a tour to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This type of excursion requires extra planning, but features a land unlike

anything you’ve known before. Pre-approved visitors stay in modular buildings to take in the untouched tundra first-hand. 24 hours of sun during the summer months provides picture perfect

views of the Arctic Ocean. Even getting there is a challenge: the highway to Prudhoe Bay is actually a gravel road, but is full of adventure for the most daring travellers.

5. Chile

Chile in July-October is the exact opposite of its Northern Hemisphere counterparts. The volcanic and mountain terrain grows a thick blanket of snow, creating perfect conditions for snow sports.

Try skiing and snowboarding at one of the many resorts, or even in the backcountry. A trip to Chile’s backcountry is an opportunity for the most extreme summer of your life. Guided vacations are available in English and Spanish to group you with likeminded extremists like yourself if you chose Chile as your summer destination.

We run for the sun in the winter months, so why can’t we search for the cool relief of snow in the summer?