China Built a Replica of Paris, And It’s Now a Complete Ghost Town (There’s Even an Eiffel Tower!)


The Chinese have always been capable of replicating various electronics and artifacts regardless of their origin.

Well, this time, they went for a whole city.

The Chinese town of Tian Du Cheng located outside of Hang Zhou seems to serve as evidence to how absurd the level of imitation game is over there. As it stands,  it seems like ‘Copyright Infringement’ does not translate into mandarin.

France boasts of having the Eiffel tower. It is known to be the country of romance, and it seems the Chinese wanted a little romance of their own, and so they decided to construct a 354 ft replica of the Eiffel tower in Tian Du Cheng.

Eeiffel Tower Replica

It’s a Cheap Way to See the Eiffel Towers for Locals.

Eeiffel Tower Replica

The Eiffel tower is not the only European landmark that has been replicated. In fact, the town in itself looks like a little clone of the European continent. There are other replicas of Italian, English, and German architecture.

It’s Deserted Because Locals Don’t Like It.

Eeiffel Tower Replica

What start off as a way to attract people and increase the economy, made the town more deserted than ever. While they had high expectations on the increase of tourists, but yet, nothing.

The residents are migrating from the area, sources speculate the cause to be the population refraining from embracing the development due cultural differences.

Eeiffel Tower Replica

It’s Been Empty Since 2007.

Paris Replica

Paris Replica

While the locals are less receptive to the project which started in 2007, the owners and the backers don’t seem to be too concerned.

Stephen Roach, former chairman of Morgan Stanley, Asia, predicts the town will grow into a flourishing metropolitan city. Perhaps the future generations will learn to accept the change, only time will tell.