China Built a Replica of Paris, And It’s Now a Complete Ghost Town (There’s Even an Eiffel Tower!)

[first-inline-ad] The Chinese have always been capable of replicating various electronics and artifacts regardless of their origin. Well, this time, they went for a whole city. The Chinese town of Tian Du Cheng located outside of Hang Zhou seems to serve as evidence to how absurd the level of imitation game is over there. As […]

6 Mind-Blowing Underwater Cities You’ll Definitely Want to Visit on Your Next Scuba Dive!

[first-inline-ad] Eventually, even great cities fall. This can either happen due to natural disasters or war. Hidden beneath the waves lies ancient cities yet to be fully explored. Some have been researched and continue to baffle archeologists while others remain mysterious in origin. Many of these discoveries, in fact, are rewriting history as we know it. […]