After Traveling Over 3,000 Miles, This Man Made a Breathtaking Video of Iceland’s Unique Landscapes

[first-inline-ad] For three weeks, Stian Rekdal embarked on a trip that totally transformed people’s traditional view of Iceland. Because of its name, one might think of it as a land mainly made of ice, but wait until you see the photos Stian took. Travelling over 3000 miles across Iceland, he took about 40,000 astonishing photos. […]

5 Romantic Cities That Will Have You Falling In Love All Over Again

[first-inline-ad] Everyone knows Europe is intrinsically romantic so we thought we’d uncover some of the continent’s best kept secrets. Unlike some of the more popular cities (Paris for example!), these locations are far from stereotypical and have the added bonus of being more affordable and less crowded than their better-known counterparts. These 5 cities will […]