These 18 Beautiful Pathways Covered by Flowers and Trees Will Leave You In Awe

[first-inline-ad] Nothing is ever complete without nature. Human beings can construct very beautiful roads, houses and what-have-you, but inclusion of nature always tops it off. The benefits of lining pavements and streets with trees can never be overemphasized. First off, the trees will give the pavement or street a cool ambiance, and prevent exposure to […]

This Rocky Island In Greece Is Home To a Hidden “Fortress Town” And It’s Surrounded by Beaches.

[first-inline-ad] Off the coast of Peloponnese, perched on an island is this amazing town. A short course-way links it to the mainland. The Greek meaning of the name Monemvasia is ‘single entrance’. This massive Byzantine fortress town is hidden from plain sight by a mound of rock. In fact, if you view the island from […]

6 Artistic Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

[first-inline-ad] These architects have designed amazing artworks out of homes. And when it comes to visiting a house, it’s the last thing on your mind. Unless you’re planning on moving, you’re probably not interested in visiting a house. This is perfect because these artistic houses were never meant for you to move in. Although the houses are […]