These 18 Beautiful Pathways Covered by Flowers and Trees Will Leave You In Awe


Nothing is ever complete without nature. Human beings can construct very beautiful roads, houses and what-have-you, but inclusion of nature always tops it off. The benefits of lining pavements and streets with trees can never be overemphasized. First off, the trees will give the pavement or street a cool ambiance, and prevent exposure to the hot sun during the summer. Second and most importantly, the trees will counter the effect of pollution, while increasing evaporation, which in turn translates to more rain.

Art and nature are meant to go hand in hand. A very well designed architecture is always made perfect when nature is introduced into the picture. Here is a compilation of 20 beautiful streets lined with flowers and trees.

1. Bonn, Germany

Cherry Blossom Avenue
Marc Oliver John

This Cherry Blossom Avenue, as it is called in Bonn, is a major attraction during the spring, with flowers making the whole place come alive. It is located about five minutes away from Beethoven’s house. These ornamental Japanese Cherry Blossom trees were planted in the 1980’s.

2. Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece

Molyvos Lesvos

This street has been ranked as the most beautiful in the world. A journey to the city itself will expose you to very ancient civilizations, and right in the middle of all that, you will encounter the most beautiful street you have ever seen.

3. Tunnel of Love, Romania, Caras-severin

Tunnel of Love
Florin Avramescu

The Tunnel of Love is one of the most romantic destinations you will ever travel to. It was once a railway. Trees then grew on each side of the rail, and every day as the train passed through the place, it shaped the trees to what they are now. Walking down this stretch with your loved one should be in your plans.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Blossom Street Stockholm
Hector Melo

Blossom Street in Stockholm is located in the city’s most popular park. There, you will find the biggest display of pink cherry blossoms in the world, composed of 63 trees planted in 1998. You will fall in love with the view.

5. Cullinan, South Africa

Cullinan South Africa
Elizabeth Kendall

These Jacaranda trees are aligned to perfection in Cullinan, South Africa. They are over 10 years old, and have been a major attraction for nature lovers for years. Take a look at how mystical the place looks.

6. Porto Alegre, Brazil

Rua Goncalo De Carvalho
Adalberto Cavalcanti Adreani

Rua Goncalo de Carvalho is a street in Porto Alegre completely blanketed by trees. The street is approximately a kilometer in length, and Rosewood trees line it on both sides. The trees are over 90 years old, and the entire area has since been declared a National heritage.

7. Spello, Italy

Flower Street Spello
Ciao Anita!

The flowers lined on this street make it come alive every time they blossom. The awe-inspiring view will leave you enthralled.

8. Valencia, Spain

Jardines De Monforte
Victor Ferrando

This whimsical street in Valencia is a very popular site. You can take a break and sit under the beautiful trees with the fragrance of flowers filling your nose.

9. Grafton, Australia

Jacaranda Trees

As you enter Grafton City, you will be welcomed by a veil of purple. But as you travel within the City, you will see the most amazing street; Pound Street. It is lined with beautiful Jacaranda trees that have stunning purple flowers.

10. Washington DC, USA

Ginko Tree Leaves

One might be tempted to think that this photo has been Photoshoped, and everything except the trees cut to greyscale. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth.

11. Jerez, Spain

Canopied Street
Aldan McRae Thomson

This broad elpanande, as they call it, is located beside the Alcazar palace. It is a very charming place, lined with beautiful Jacaranda trees.

12. Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece

Flower Street Peloponnese
Wilson Lu

This magical street portrays the romantic theme of Peloponnese, and relays a strong message revolving around love to anyone who sees it.

13. Brisbane, Australia

Flower Path Brisbane
Wander Bug

These beautiful jacaranda trees add a magical aura to the place, more so when they blossom.

14. Taiwan

Red Trees Taiwan
Sue Hsu

Located in Linchupi, Baihe District is this beautiful street lined with Bombax Ceiba trees that even these two pups have found fascinating.

15. Positano, Italy

Flower Street Positano
Agnes Alsua

Positano is a place of charm and exceedingly breathtaking beauty. This street says it all.

16. Milton Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

Cullinan South Africa
Elizabeth Kendall

Milton Avenue in Harare Zimbabwe is lined with beautiful Jacaranda trees. It spans a length of 0.6 kilometers.

17. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Wisteria Tunnel Japan
Binary cse

This pastel-colored tunnel seems like it has been drawn right out of a fairy tale. It is only a four hour drive from Tokyo, and visiting the place in April or May will give you a chance to see the wisteria vines blossoming.

18. Kaluszyn, Poland

Street Kaluszyn
Visual Manuscripts

Simply taking a walk down this street in Kaluszyn will make you float away into a world of fantasy, and you can clearly see why. It couldn’t get more picturesque.