19 Exotic Fruits That Taste Better Than They Look

Horned Melon

[first-inline-ad] You might have the notion that the black banana in your kitchen looks very unappealing. Wait until you see these monster fruits, all with different characteristics. Some possess sharp edges while others have spikes all around them…In summary, they are nothing short of bizarre. You will however be surprised […] Read more »

11 Unique Festivals Around The World You Won’t Want To Miss

Golden Retriever Festival

[first-inline-ad] The creativity and artistry of human beings is expressed in a variety of ways. Some people express it by drawing priceless portraits, others by composing beautiful songs. However, there is nothing comparable to the creativity portrayed by festivals. Each of these festivals from around the world has a story […] Read more »

15 Strange Animals You Haven’t Seen Yet

Gobi Jerboa

There are a number of animals most people have no idea they exist.  However, no one can be blamed for this, since there are over 1 million identified animal species, and to top that off, the figure is just 1% of all the animals that have ever existed on the […] Read more »

6 Artistic Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

Trassenheide Upside Down House

[first-inline-ad] These architects have designed amazing artworks out of homes. And when it comes to visiting a house, it’s the last thing on your mind. Unless you’re planning on moving, you’re probably not interested in visiting a house. This is perfect because these artistic houses were never meant for you to move […] Read more »