6 Most Overlooked Snorkeling Spots

[first-inline-ad] When we think of snorkeling, we think of the Caribbean, California, warm climates and all-inclusive resorts. Real adventures, however, happen when you stray off of the beaten path. I’ve compiled a list of often overlooked snorkeling spots for you to consider for your next destination. Each of these locations offer unique snapshots of natural marine […]

Asia’s 7 Locations Every Traveller Overlooks

[first-inline-ad] Are you planning a trip to Asia soon? We all know about Hong Kong, Bangkok, New Delhi, Jakarta and Seoul, but Asia has so much more! What’s in between all of these widely recognized hot spots? The best way to travel is off the beaten path. The road less travelled by promises novel experiences – a small […]

7 Ways to Support the Local Environment You Visit

[first-inline-ad] We’ve all heard the old adage: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps. Nowadays, it’s even more important to take this to the next level: leave each place better off than when you arrived. The easiest way to do this is to let the area swallow you. Learn how the natives live, eat, […]

Europe’s 5 Cities you Never Thought of Visiting

[first-inline-ad] [dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]veryone has certain European cities on their bucket list. Rome, Paris, London and Venice are some of the usual suspects. These cities are great, but the problem is that everyone knows about them and wants to visit them. Navigating the sights in the famous cities of Europe often involves fighting through throngs of […]

5 Reasons to Travel At Least Once A Year

[first-inline-ad] Wanderlust, the travel itch, globe-trotting. Whatever way you put it, people need to travel. We are meant to explore the world; we are meant to search out new experiences in faraway places. 1. Travelling broadens your knowledge Travelling is exploration in the truest sense. No matter the destination, you will discover a new place, […]

The 6 Best Wine Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of

[first-inline-ad] [dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat’s better than hanging out with some friends and a bottle or two of wine? Going on a trip with friends to wine country and trying dozens of bottles, of course! You can even sneak in some sightseeing and nature time in between tasting sessions. For the adventurous vino enthusiast, here are some […]