The 6 Rules to Never Eat at The Wrong Restaurants in Europe Again


Europe is a gourmand’s paradise. Each region has its own distinctive and delicious cuisine, and a walk down the street in most European cities is a dizzying tour of the delicious smells wafting from cafes, restaurants and bars. The sheer number of places to eat, however, can be daunting. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it is very hard to choose the best possible restaurant and avoid tourist traps. These tips take some of the mystery out of choosing the right place to eat, and with them in mind you should never have to eat a bad meal in Europe.

1. Stay Away from Famous Places

Most European cities have certain restaurants that are renowned for inventing famous dishes or for their historical importance. For the most part, these restaurants should be avoided. While it is true that these places became famous for a reason and were probably excellent at some point, they often devolve into overpriced tourist traps that coast on their reputation and serve mediocre food.