23 Travel Instagrammers That Will Inspire You To Travel

Still unconvinced about seeing the world? Well here’s 23 reasons that’ll change your mind.

1. travelalberta

“Welcome to Alberta, Canada. Home of the Canadian Rockies, breathtaking landscapes & experiences.”

@travelalberta is a compilation of multiple Instagrammers. Use #explorealberta to get your Canadian photo on this popular Instagram.

2. treyratcliff

“I’m a warm-hearted, old-school-gentleman explorer with really cool toys.” Trey Ratcliff posts photos from every corner of the globe.

3. wanderlust.nl

“Two girls with a Strong Desire to Wander, Travel & Explore the World..” This Insta-duo captures what it’s like to travel with a partner in crime.

4. travelbugplanner

“Here to share and inspire with photos from my travels and adventures.” @travelbugplanner will give you a bad case of the travel bug. Her snapshots are colourful, diverse and awe-inspiring!

5. kirstenalana

I thought that being in the MET Museum in NYC, after it closed to the public for the day, was the coolest thing I've ever done in a cultural institution. But today, @fsbosphorus trumped that when they arranged for their guests (and myself as the trip photographer) to have access to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia when it was closed to the public and completely empty of anyone but a few guards. The looks on everyone's faces were pure awe but none so more than mine. When I was here a few years ago on my own, Hagia Sophia was my favorite of the city's landmarks but the crowds made it tough for me to get the photos I wanted and in the end I just walked around looking at it all. Hagia Sophia has been a public museum since 1935 but it started its long life as an Orthodox cathedral in the year 537. It was then a mosque from the year 1453. Its Turkish name is 'Ayasofya' which I think sounds more beautiful actually than the more common "english" title most know it by. The interior features I love most are the elaborate chandeliers once lit with oil that have since been electrified, the gold tile mosaics featuring portraits of people like Mary and Jesus and the time-worn stone ramps that lead you from the main floor to the upper galleries. These ramps feature huge stones which are so aged that their surface is like that of a newborn baby's skin and when I think of how many people have walked on the same stones I tread, every time I visit, it just makes my head feel like it's going to explode with wonder. I also like the fact that this one structure was deeply meaningful to both Christians and Muslims over the course of the centuries, yet they've found a way to peacefully preserve it for the world to share in now. #FSJet

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“Photographer listed by HuffPo, BAHighLife, HarpersBazaar, DailyMail, etc.” Kirsten Alana’s posts anything and everything while she travels, and each photo is accompanied by a small blog post to help you follow her wandering life.

6. fursty


“Outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer from the Pacific Northwest.” If Dylan Furst can’t inspire you to travel, I don’t know who can.

7. goldie_berlin

“Instagrammer from Germany/Berlin. My diary around the world in colors.” Sylvia’s travel diary lets you follow her around the world. She lands in a new place literally every week!

8. adventurouskate

“Full-time traveler specializing in solo and independent travel for women! 57 countries so far and still going.”

Kate McCulley quit her day job to become a full-time traveler, and we thank her for it. How else would we be able to see the world through our smart phones?

9. legalnomads

“Former lawyer, now eating my way around the world, writing a lot about soup.” Follow Jodi Ettenberg as she eats her way around the world.

10. youngadventuress

“Immensely curious in the world. Storyteller. Adventuress. Hurricane.” Liz Carlson is an American girl living the wanderlust dream. She is currently capturing New Zealand.

11. mariannehope

“Norwegian photogr. and traveler living in Holland. This feed iPhone only.” Marianne Hope can do a lot with an iPhone camera. Check out her whimsical shots!

12. pausethemoment

Hammock life at its finest ☀🌊🌴

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“Blogger, Digital Influencer, and World Traveler with a passion for adventure.” Don’t be jealous of Ryan’s travels. Use his Instagram to inspire your own adventure!

13. earthxplorer

Good Night #capetown #meetsouthafrica #lovecapetown

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“travel is my life, 93 countries, 7 continents, creating award-winning videos, photographs & social media campaigns – love what u do & do what u love” JD Andrews has been traveling the world for years for your enjoyment.

14. justtravelous

“Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere. Be travelous, go everywhere! Yvonne Zagermann takes you on trips around Asia and Germany, among others.

15. ourwildabandon

“Born to Run. Vancouver to Anywhere.” Jill and Kyla go on the roadtrip of everyone’s dreams.

16. Airbnb

“Airbnb opens the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay.” Airbnb’s Instagram gives you more than just cool destinations. You can even book your next trip from the feed!

17. wildjunket

“Travel writer, blogger and social media junkie. Love adventures, languages and mojitos, 90 countries across 7 continents.” Nellie, based out of Spain, covers a lot of ground, creating one of the most travel-inspiring Instagrams out there.

18. rachelroams

“Explorer. TV Host. EMMY-nominated TV Producer. Camera Operator. Writer.” You don’t want to miss her fabulous life and travels.

19. storytravelers

“Visual Storytelling Artists Loving Travel. Photos by Caspar Daniel Diederik.” Caspar is a world-travelling videographer who knows his way around a photograph as well.

20. world.in.hd

A night at the Salt Hotel.

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“Intrepid traveler. Currently in Argentina. Photographer & Journalist.” Follow James for some extra special adventure shots and clear blue skies.

21. travelsintranslation


“Asia Expert. Travel Photographer.” Beth Williams is currently photographing Asia for us, but scroll back in her feed for so many more faraway escapes.

22. jaredchambers

Just floatin around.

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“Photographer. Los Angeles, CA.” Jared Chambers is an LA photographer whose photos take him around the world.

23. traveltall

Day 227: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia🌍While walking around Addis Ababa today I thought back to the beginner photography class I took just before I left to travel around the world. (I had zero photography experience.) The class met at a community college once a week for six weeks. I was the only one in the class that didn't own a camera. Everyone would pull out there expensive lenses and equipment and I would just sit there and watch. I can still remember sitting there and telling all the other students that I was going to travel the world as a photographer. They had to have thought I was crazy, not only did I not own a camera, but I didn't turn in any of the assignments because I was worried about what they were going to think of me. I didn't actually learn to much from the class, but I did learn the only thing I ever needed to know about taking photos. The first minute of the first class the teacher pointed to a chair and said, "Here is a chair, you see a chair, he sees a chair, she sees a chair, but a photographer sees unlimited possibilities."🌍🌎🌏Join along as I 📝, 🎥 and 📷 my way around the 🌎 at TravelTall.com.🙏

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A self-taught photographer and writer traveling around the world by all means possible.